About Us

Crockett Creek is a friendly small town company with a big heart and plenty of Southern goodness to share.  Our signature beef jerky was originally perfected in our very own kitchen, which is the heart of our family’s hospitality.  As a family favorite, we honored and delighted many guests over the years with our unique jerky recipes full of flavor and deliciousness.  We got so many compliments, that we decided to share our wonderful jerky not only with our family and friends, but with our Southern neighbors and the rest of the country as well.  So, in 1994 we opened up shop in the lovely, historic Knoxville, Tennessee.

 Crockett Creek offers tasty jerky in several varieties that are uniquely flavorful and deeply satisfying.  But that’s not all.  We also have an excellent selection of tasty marinades, super smokin’ spice mixes, and many other delicious seasonings that the whole family will enjoy. Many of our customers come back time and again, so much so that they’ve become a part of the Crockett Creek family.