7 Must-Have Beef Jerky Flavors


Choosing your favorite flavor of beef jerky is like choosing your favorite child—well, almost. At the very least, deciding which flavor is best can spur great debate among jerky aficionados, particularly if they have discovered Crockett Creek’s deeply satisfying, down-home products. Try all 15 flavors we make, then decide for yourself. Nonetheless, here are seven we think you should not live without:


1)    Original: It all starts here, with our lightly marinated classic recipe shining through. The Southern slow-cooking approach makes for moist and chewy jerky that is perfect in texture, savory in flavor and it will make your mouth water.

2)    Garlic: This is for the garlic lovers out there, and that means almost everybody. The flavor of this chewy jerky is dripping with the goodness of garlic—in fact, we like to say that we sprinkle a little meat on our garlic.

3)    Ol Smoky: This is one of our customers’ favorites, and when you experience that smoky taste you’ll know why. Slow-cooked to infuse it with that satisfying savoriness, it is rich, chewy and packed with the smoky goodness of the outdoors.

4)    Steakhouse: This is one of our new flavors, and already it’s a hit. After all, who doesn’t like the flavors and smells of their favorite steakhouse? Now you can merge that love with our robust, soul-satisfying steak-infused jerky.

5)    Sweet Heat BBQ: Our other new flavor is already a classic and will have you feeling like your sitting around the barbecue pit. Crockett’s Creek blends together the sweet sumptuousness of a summer barbecue with a little good old-fashioned heat.

6)    Bayou Boil: What do you get when you blend the deliciousness of New Orleans cuisine with the down-home goodness of true Southern cooking? Well, our Bayou Boil beef jerky.

7)    Buffalo Jerky: The American bison nearly went extinct a couple hundred years ago, but we are happy to say it is back in huge numbers. So are fans of our amazing buffalo jerky. This lean, luscious, healthy meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol. That’s why it won a ringing endorsement from the American Heart Association. It’s also why it wins a hearty endorsement from us, too.


Ultimately, you should remember that Crockett Creek beef jerky is a great snack and also makes a great meal when you’re on the go. It’s also convenient, as all of our flavors come in handy re-sealable zipper pouches. As for which flavors are best, we’ll let you make up your own mind.