Are You A Beef Jerky Kind Of Man Or A Hot Dog Kind Of Man?


Ahh, yes, the age-old question: What kind of man are you? Beef jerky or hot dog? Answer carefully, because the choice says a lot about who you are. Now, we know you hot-dog guys like yours a certain way, with particular condiments, and a nice warm bun, and really, that’s okay. We beef-jerky guys, on the other hand, don’t have time for all that, but we still want big taste and high protein and serious sustenance for our stomachs. Luckily for you hot-dog guys, Crockett Creek’s big selection of flavors and meats will have you tossing your limp, soggy frankfurter in the can. All you have to do is give it a try.


Down-Home Goodness

Crockett Creek started in our small, Southern kitchen using simple, wholesome ingredients, making jerky the old-fashioned way. It became so popular among family and friends that we decided to start sharing our recipes with our neighbors, and then, beef-jerky fans in the rest of the country. So in 1994 we opened the doors to our Knoxville, Tennessee headquarters and started selling our many flavors of zesty, flavor-packed beef jerky. Today, we offer more than a dozen different versions of our jerky, plus a few of our signature spice blends, for sale on our website. Oh yeah, hot-dog man, we even offer jerky made from buffalo, elk, and venison, so drop the mustard and ketchup get with the program.


Classic and Innovative Flavors

Some say that nothing can replace the classic beef jerky, and our original recipe is moist and chewy with a light-marinade flavor that shines through. You don’t have to choose, though, because you can enjoy our original flavor and so many more beef varieties, including our Blazin’ Cajun, Peppered, Garlic, Teriyaki, Fire, Legendary Barbecue, Ol Smoky, Sweet N’ Spicy, Jalapeno, and Bayou Boil. As mentioned, don’t forget to try our buffalo, elk, and venison varieties.


Want to bring the taste of Crockett Creek home and re-create it on your steaks and barbecue? Then give our marinade and spice mix a try as well.


So really, hot-dog men, do you truly prefer those things to hearty, tasty, chewy, satisfying Crockett Creek beef jerky, now available in re-sealable, plastic zipper bags? We didn’t think so. Don’t worry, though, we won’t tell anyone you are on our mailing list and have converted. You are in good company now.