While popcorn is enjoyable to munch on while watching a movie in a theater, movie theater snacks can be expensive and laden with fat and sugar. Sometimes, you just need to bring in your own snacks, even if it is against the rules. If you're headed to the movie theater, below are a few easy, healthy snacks that fit easily into your purse or pocket.

1. Beef jerky. Jerky is a satisfying and healthy treat. Loaded with protein and low on fat, Jerky will keep you from getting hungry and allow you to focus on the film.

2. Dried fruit. Dried fruit, such as raisins or dried apricots, are easy to eat while you're watching the movie and their complex sugar will keep hunger at bay for hours.

3. Nuts. Nuts, too, make a good movie snack. Roasted almonds, cashews and peanuts all make a healthy treat. Just make sure to buy the low sodium variety.

4. Cheese cubes. If you have a little extra time before you leave for the movie, cut up a chunk of american, swiss, hot pepper or other non-smelly cheese. Put the cubes in a ziploc bag for easy access.

5. Baby carrots. Baby carrots are also easy to munch on and require little preparation.

6. Grapes. Self-contained fruit, such as berries or grapes, are easy to pop in your mouth during the film.

7. Granola bars. Don't discount commercial health bars and snacks. Just make a stop at the convenience store on the way to the movie theater.

8. Snack mix. Snack mix, that garlicky combination of cereal, nuts and pretzels, isn't just for the holiday season. A plastic bag full of this yummy snack makes a good movie munchie. Just make sure to bring some extra napkins, as the buttery mixture can make your hands a little greasy.

9.Celery sticks with peanut butter. Another good plan-ahead snack is to fill bite-size celery hearts with peanut butter and seal them in individual portion-size bags. Extra napkins are a good idea for this treat, also.

10. Seeds. Lastly, seeds, like sunflower seeds, make an enjoyable and satisfying treat, while being easy to carry in a cellophane or plastic bag.

Watching what you snack on doesn't have to keep you away from the movie theaters. Pack a little jerky, dried fruit, buts and cheese cubes in your purse or backpack and eat healthy during the movie.