Beef jerky offers a number of benefits. Not only does jerky taste great, but it is lean, low in fat, low in calories and high in protein. Jerky is definitely an improvement over snacks with empty calories, such as chips and sugary treats. Jerky is also a guy favorite, one that is sure to be appreciated, whether you're looking for a gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother, boss or best friend. When is it appropriate to give beef jerky? We think any time, but we've offered a few suggestions to get you thinking.


Occasions to give beef jerky as a present

1. For a bachelor party present. If a guy in your life is getting married, he's likely swamped with gifts of towels, dinnerware, pillows and other household necessities. A gift of beef jerky, perhaps paired with some cheese and a bottle of red wine, can be a welcome departure from all of those "couples gifts." Plus, a food gift can help your guy and his crew keep from getting too inebriated as they celebrate the end to his bachelor life.

2. As a present to welcome a new baby. Jerky also makes a great present for a new father. Unlike those politically incorrect cigars, the new daddy can hand out jerky to his friends to commemorate the occasion.

3. As a birthday present. Of course, who needs cake with they can have jerky? Make your guy's birthday memorable by serving beef jerky at the celebration rather than cake and ice cream. If you just have to have a candle to blow out, you can arrange the jerky around a large pillar candle instead of the traditional assortment of little candles.

4. For a Just because present. Who says that there needs to be a special occasion to give a gift? Why not surprise your guy with a tasty jerky treat on a Tuesday just because you think he's great? Sometimes those "just because" gifts are the best ones.

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