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7 Must-Have Beef Jerky Flavors

Friday, March 17, 2017 5:26:02 PM America/New_York

7 Must-Have Beef Jerky Flavors


Choosing your favorite flavor of beef jerky is like choosing your favorite child—well, almost. At the very least, deciding which flavor is best can spur great debate among jerky aficionados, particularly if they have discovered Crockett Creek’s deeply satisfying, down-home products. Try all 15 flavors we make, then decide for yourself. Nonetheless, here are seven we think you should not live without:


1)    Original: It all starts here, with our lightly marinated classic recipe shining through. The Southern slow-cooking approach makes for moist and chewy jerky that is perfect in texture, savory in flavor and it will make your mouth water.

2)    Garlic: This is for the garlic lovers out there, and that means almost everybody. The flavor of this chewy jerky is dripping with the goodness of garlic—in fact, we like to say that we sprinkle a little meat on our garlic.

3)    Ol Smoky: This is one of our customers’ favorites, and when you experience that smoky taste you’ll know why. Slow-cooked to infuse it with that satisfying savoriness, it is rich, chewy and packed with the smoky goodness of the outdoors.

4)    Steakhouse: This is one of our new flavors, and already it’s a hit. After all, who doesn’t like the flavors and smells of their favorite steakhouse? Now you can merge that love with our robust, soul-satisfying steak-infused jerky.

5)    Sweet Heat BBQ: Our other new flavor is already a classic and will have you feeling like your sitting around the barbecue pit. Crockett’s Creek blends together the sweet sumptuousness of a summer barbecue with a little good old-fashioned heat.

6)    Bayou Boil: What do you get when you blend the deliciousness of New Orleans cuisine with the down-home goodness of true Southern cooking? Well, our Bayou Boil beef jerky.

7)    Buffalo Jerky: The American bison nearly went extinct a couple hundred years ago, but we are happy to say it is back in huge numbers. So are fans of our amazing buffalo jerky. This lean, luscious, healthy meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol. That’s why it won a ringing endorsement from the American Heart Association. It’s also why it wins a hearty endorsement from us, too.


Ultimately, you should remember that Crockett Creek beef jerky is a great snack and also makes a great meal when you’re on the go. It’s also convenient, as all of our flavors come in handy re-sealable zipper pouches. As for which flavors are best, we’ll let you make up your own mind.



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7 Ways to Use Beef Jerky as an Appetizer

Monday, December 19, 2016 1:02:13 PM America/New_York


Ah, beef jerky. The surprisingly healthy snack is ideal for road trips, hiking trips, and any other time you need food that doesn’t spoil easily. Yet beef jerky also lends itself to a variety of recipes, including yummy appetizers. Check out the following ideas to use at your next shindig. Your family and friends will love your creative use of jerky!


Tomato and Cheese Appetizer


Add beef jerky to a tomato-and-cheese appetizer to create something that’s both delicious and filling. Simply cut beef jerky into ¼-inch pieces and do the same thing with the tomato. Spread goat cheese on crackers and then top with the tomato and jerky. Add parsley sprigs, salt, and pepper to heighten the flavors.


Tomato Sauce


Create a unique tomato sauce to use as an appetizer dip with beef jerky. Soften the meat with boiling water so the result isn’t super-chewy. Use ingredients such as green pepper, chopped onion, heavy cream, and minced garlic, to create a delicious sauce ideal for mini grilled cheeses. Cut the jerky into bite-size pieces with kitchen shears before you throw it in the sauce.


Jerky Bruschetta


Use jerky in bruschetta recipes to give the appetizer a meaty kick. Experiment with different seasonings until you have the recipe just right.


Jerky and Cheese Plate


Do something different with your next cheese plate—add jerky! Substitute typical deli meats for jerky. Friends and family are sure to notice you opted out of ho-hum pepperoni this go-around.


Papaya and Beef Jerky Salad


Serve salad that includes jerky as an appetizer at your next event. Vietnamese papaya, Thai basil, and beef jerky combine to make a unique and delicious salad everyone will love. Use about two pounds of shredded papaya for best results. Make your own dressing with ingredients such as soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and vinegar.


Fried Jerky


Forget mozzarella sticks—why not serve fried jerky at your upcoming gathering? Fry the food however you see fit and include one or a variety of sauces for dipping. This includes marinara sauce, of course!


Jerky in a Blanket


Substitute hot dogs for beef jerky to make the appetizer classic, Pigs in a Blanket. Sure, the meat being used is no longer pig, but it’s still a cool twist on an old favorite. Name the appetizer depending on the type of jerky used, such as Turkey in a Blanket.


What do you think of these Jerky ideas? Are you inspired yet? 

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Why Your Next Occasion Calls for the Gift of Beef Jerky

Thursday, November 17, 2016 3:38:01 PM America/New_York


Give the gift of beef jerky this holiday season, or any other time gift-giving is part of event fun. Jerky comes in many tantalizing flavors and varieties, allowing you to pick the right option for the right person easily. Take a moment to review why beef jerky makes a wonderful gift before you start browsing.




Beef jerky is actually very healthy! Instead of giving friends and family candy and chocolate baskets this year, try baskets brimming with jerky. A single serving of beef jerky contains between 9 and 15 grams of protein, and it’s 97 percent fat-free. The snack is also very low in calories and otherwise nutrient-dense. It subsequently satiates you without increasing your caloric intake very much. even ranked the foodstuff as the No. 1 protein snack in today’s market. Jerky does require salt to make, but low-sodium options are available.




Jerky is a highly convenient snack. Moisture and fat are removed during the preservation process, making jerky a snack possibility that lasts a long, long time. There’s no fear of spoilage with beef jerky.




Portability is yet another example of why beef jerky makes a great gift. There’s zero need to bring special containers or ice when packing beef jerky; simply throw it in a bag and go. It’s a favorite of hikers and camping enthusiasts who need sustenance that won’t go to waste in their packs. Athletes also love it because it makes a mess-free snack in between sweat sessions.


Lots of Options


Jerky comes in a wide variety of options in addition to beef. For example, you could easily create a jerky gift basket that includes beef, venison, buffalo, and teriyaki options. Specialty jerky is also available and includes Cajun-style, garlic, pepper, barbecue, sweet ‘n spicy, and jalapeno flavors. Present a jerky gift basket to the dried meat enthusiast in your life, or to your next office shindig so your co-workers can choose from many savory options. There are also special marinades and spices that make excellent additions to any jerky gift basket.


A Unique Gift


Rather than getting friends and family “boring” or “thoughtless” gifts, such as gift cards and socks, give the wonderful gift of jerky and surprise the people you love. Jerky is a unique gift that’s (again) much healthier than most food-based presents, such as chocolate, roasted nuts, candy, and caramel popcorn.


Make the people around you smile at your next gift-giving event or holiday gathering with a fantastic jerky assortment. They will toast your taste and creativity.


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When it's appropriate to gift a man with beef jerky

Thursday, October 13, 2016 2:40:07 PM America/New_York

Beef jerky offers a number of benefits. Not only does jerky taste great, but it is lean, low in fat, low in calories and high in protein. Jerky is definitely an improvement over snacks with empty calories, such as chips and sugary treats. Jerky is also a guy favorite, one that is sure to be appreciated, whether you're looking for a gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother, boss or best friend. When is it appropriate to give beef jerky? We think any time, but we've offered a few suggestions to get you thinking.


Occasions to give beef jerky as a present

1. For a bachelor party present. If a guy in your life is getting married, he's likely swamped with gifts of towels, dinnerware, pillows and other household necessities. A gift of beef jerky, perhaps paired with some cheese and a bottle of red wine, can be a welcome departure from all of those "couples gifts." Plus, a food gift can help your guy and his crew keep from getting too inebriated as they celebrate the end to his bachelor life.

2. As a present to welcome a new baby. Jerky also makes a great present for a new father. Unlike those politically incorrect cigars, the new daddy can hand out jerky to his friends to commemorate the occasion.

3. As a birthday present. Of course, who needs cake with they can have jerky? Make your guy's birthday memorable by serving beef jerky at the celebration rather than cake and ice cream. If you just have to have a candle to blow out, you can arrange the jerky around a large pillar candle instead of the traditional assortment of little candles.

4. For a Just because present. Who says that there needs to be a special occasion to give a gift? Why not surprise your guy with a tasty jerky treat on a Tuesday just because you think he's great? Sometimes those "just because" gifts are the best ones.

To learn more about beef jerky and/or to order a supply to give your guy (or yourself), visit Crockett We've been creating home-style Tennessee jerky since 1994.

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Our Number One Jerky to Eat While Watching Game of Thrones

Friday, April 22, 2016 4:42:01 PM America/New_York


HBO's hit show is returning on April 24th to the delight of its rabid fanbase engrossed in the drama. While the denizens of Westeros ready themselves for winter, you can get ready for binge watching the new season with our best Game of Thrones jerky.


From the opening moments of Season 6, the familiar theme song you know and love will reach your ears once again. When it does, your eyes will be treated to the instantly recognizable fiery sun surrounded by an astrolabe of rotating rings. This is altogether fitting since the show is based off of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, after all.


You need a fire-flavored jerky to match the show's ambience as cities burn to the ground and Dany's dragons soar overhead. Take the action from the screen to your taste buds with Crockett Creek's Fire Beef Jerky.


Our Fire Jerky is so scorching you would be forgiven for thinking it's flavored with the Wildfire Tyrion used to save King's Landing. Our jerky is not all about the kick, even though the spice of this jerky is sure to get your attention. The taste and flavors locked into our jerky will leave you wondering whether it's wiser to binge on the show or our jerky. Fortunately, you can do both as you treat yourself like you're sitting on the Iron Throne.


Crockett Creek's Fire Jerky is uniquely textured to contain the maximum amount of savory flavor and zesty spiciness, ensuring you will love each and every bite. Since every bite is a flavor-packed adventure, our jerky will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch, assuming you aren't already there as you watch the heart-pounding drama unfold.


Whether you make the Fire Jerky a snack or a full meal as you watch the return of your favorite show, you can't go wrong with the spice and flavor of our top Game of Thrones jerky.


We are so confident in our jerky that we believe once you have tried our top Game of Thrones jerky, you're going to have to try some of our other great jerky flavors. In the same way Game of Thrones has become a staple of your life and a healthy addiction of sorts, we know you will fall in love with the unique and delicious traits of all our flavorful jerky.


Visit our website to learn more about our jerky products and why our small town friendliness and passion for jerky gives you the Southern goodness and rich flavors you love in your beef jerky.



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Moonshining 101: Making Moonshine at Home

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 12:18:20 PM America/New_York

Moonshining 101: Making Moonshine at Home


Moonshine, aka "white mule," "white lightening," "corn liquor," and "mountain dew," refers to a homemade untaxed liquor that is often made in secrecy by the light of the moon. Typically, it is approximately 50% alcohol by volume or 100 proof; making it potent and sometimes deadly.


Tennessee Whiskey History

Tennessee has a rich history of "moonshiners." Many farmers were able to literally survive by turning their corn crops into this highly sought after alcohol. The process of making this clear liquor includes fermentation, distillation and condensation processes. The basic ingredients are: cornmeal, sugar, water, malt and yeast. Many families became involved in the trade simply to earn enough income to support their families.


Certain locations in the state have the reputation for having the most moonshine history including: Scott Counties, Cades Cove, Carter, Hancock, Blount, Fentress, Henry, and Polk. Men and women both worked together for this common goal. Mollie Miller was in charge of the moonshiners of Polk County. She has been credited with killing numerous informants and revenuers. Nowadays, it is commonly made for personal consumption similar to making homemade wine

Top 5 Safety Tips for Making Moonshine

1. Never Distill Indoors
Adequate outside space in a well vented location is necessary. Sadly, many people have blown up their homes while they were asleep and killed their families due to ignoring this crucial component.

2. Use a Pure Copper Moonshine Still With Lead Free Solder
While it is creative to use what you have lying around; sheet metal, old radiators and plastic barrels are not good choices for producing moonshine. Famous moonshiners relied on copper and this is the standard that commercial distilleries use today. Be sure to inspect your gear and ensure that lead free solder is used. If you are building your own still, only choose lead free solder and water based flux.


3. Never Leave Your Still Unattended
When you are going to be distilling a batch, be sure to take into consideration how long the process takes to run the batch. Have food, water and a harmonica on hand to help pass the time. Plan to be present during the entire process. Running into town for a pack of cigarettes is not a good idea. Have everything you need on hand ahead of time.


Occasionally, leaks can occur during distillation. Sometimes applying a flour paste and tying a rag around it will control the leak; however, you may be up against shutting down the operation if the leak persists. Have some solder on hand just in case.


4. Keep Alcohol Vapor In Check
If your still is leaking; precious fluid can drip onto the ground before the alcohol has a chance to separate. This wastes time and money. A leak within the still's column can cause explosive alcohol vapor the chance to escape. Never forget how dangerous and explosive alcohol vapor can be.


A good rule of thumb is to check your still by running a batch of water through it. This will clean it out and let you assess any leaks prior to having moonshine in it.


5. Always Have a Fire Extinguisher On Hand
Safety first; fire is your worst enemy when it comes to making moonshine. You are dealing with highly flammable ethyl alcohol and potentially explosive alcohol. It doesn't take much to produce a sudden fire. Have the means to protect yourself and be able to put it out.


If you are diligent about locating your collection points a minimum of 10 feet away from any heat source you will help prolong the life of yourself and your still. Getting into good practices from the beginning; such as always throwing away the "foreshots" or the initial bit of shine that could be laced with methanol, will help ensure this fun hobby stays safe and entertaining. Education can save your life when it comes to making moonshine.

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