Give the gift of beef jerky this holiday season, or any other time gift-giving is part of event fun. Jerky comes in many tantalizing flavors and varieties, allowing you to pick the right option for the right person easily. Take a moment to review why beef jerky makes a wonderful gift before you start browsing.




Beef jerky is actually very healthy! Instead of giving friends and family candy and chocolate baskets this year, try baskets brimming with jerky. A single serving of beef jerky contains between 9 and 15 grams of protein, and it’s 97 percent fat-free. The snack is also very low in calories and otherwise nutrient-dense. It subsequently satiates you without increasing your caloric intake very much. even ranked the foodstuff as the No. 1 protein snack in today’s market. Jerky does require salt to make, but low-sodium options are available.




Jerky is a highly convenient snack. Moisture and fat are removed during the preservation process, making jerky a snack possibility that lasts a long, long time. There’s no fear of spoilage with beef jerky.




Portability is yet another example of why beef jerky makes a great gift. There’s zero need to bring special containers or ice when packing beef jerky; simply throw it in a bag and go. It’s a favorite of hikers and camping enthusiasts who need sustenance that won’t go to waste in their packs. Athletes also love it because it makes a mess-free snack in between sweat sessions.


Lots of Options


Jerky comes in a wide variety of options in addition to beef. For example, you could easily create a jerky gift basket that includes beef, venison, buffalo, and teriyaki options. Specialty jerky is also available and includes Cajun-style, garlic, pepper, barbecue, sweet ‘n spicy, and jalapeno flavors. Present a jerky gift basket to the dried meat enthusiast in your life, or to your next office shindig so your co-workers can choose from many savory options. There are also special marinades and spices that make excellent additions to any jerky gift basket.


A Unique Gift


Rather than getting friends and family “boring” or “thoughtless” gifts, such as gift cards and socks, give the wonderful gift of jerky and surprise the people you love. Jerky is a unique gift that’s (again) much healthier than most food-based presents, such as chocolate, roasted nuts, candy, and caramel popcorn.


Make the people around you smile at your next gift-giving event or holiday gathering with a fantastic jerky assortment. They will toast your taste and creativity.